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 Pescados La Alondra

Cortando Lomo de Atún

Wholesale Fish Retailer

Hospitality Service


We take pride in being your trusted partner to supply your restaurant with the best fish and seafood on the market.

For you, the easiest way to stand out in your restaurant with the best fish and seafood on the market.

Our Sales team will advise you every week on all the latest arrivals from the main fish markets worldwide, becoming your perfect partners.

We offer you a personalized service where our expert fishmongers will prepare the products to your liking so you can make the most of them in the kitchen, saving time for your chefs to focus on getting the most out of our spectacular products.

Our headquarters are in Valladolid, specifically in Mercaolid, but our services are available throughout Spain. Our main routes include León, Burgos, Soria, Asturias, Lugo, Madrid, Burela, Benavente, etc.

After becoming the benchmark in Fish and Seafood in the city of Valladolid, we are taking a leap in quality and establishing our artisanal factory of sea products. We cook traditionally the Burela Quality Boiled Octopus, and our octopuses also bear the Burela Quality seal, ensuring the quality of the products as well as their production process. Additionally, we offer Japan Quality Octopus. We work in an artisanal manner following the original recipe from 1956, which has been improved generation after generation. Moreover, to provide you with better service, our orders are shipped daily to ensure that the product reaches you in optimal conditions. We have a sophisticated seafood cooker for live seafood, which comes directly from the port to our headquarters in Mercaolid, cooked in a pot so you only have to enjoy it. Furthermore, we offer our White Prawn and Wild Adriatic Striped Prawn, a delight for the palate directly from the Mediterranean.

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At Pescados La Alondra, we work to provide you with excellent fish and seafood of the highest quality in the market. We offer a home delivery service for Valladolid and surrounding areas. Join our WhatsApp broadcast lists today and stay informed about our prices.

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